Meet The Team

Tony Briggs

Tony enjoys hobby farming, he has been a long time member of CPCO. He has been a leader here for many years. Tony is passionate about supporting the local Church by managing resources and doing church maintenance.


Ryanne Murfitt

Ryanne grew up in the Onalaska area. She is one of the newest members of our leadership. She is a gifted teacher that is passionate about helping kids know Jesus.

Bob Whanell

Bob is a master woodworker. He has been at CPCO for nearly a decade. In our leadership he provides direction in business matters and takes on many of the building maintenance problems that arise.  


Pete Murphy

Pete is passionate about nurturing Christmas trees. He has been a member of CPCO for about 8 years. Pete is excited about impacting the local community with the message of the Gospel. 


Leo Zylstra

Leo enjoys a good adventure and spends most of his time taking care of his dairy farm. He has been at CPCO for many years. He is the Church Treasurer, in this role he has offered guidance through many difficult times.

Mike Turner

Mike has built a cannon, an elevator, and a giant telescope. He is a unique individual that has been a part of CPCO for many years. He is passionate about bringing others joy through story and humor.  

Pastor Zach Nerison

I am the new Pastor here at Community Presbyterian Church of Onalaska. I take a lot of joy in the gospel. My mission in life is to help others share in that same joy. Hope to see you Sunday!