Hi, my name is Gabe Murfitt. I recently became the Director of Music at CPCO. This means I oversee choir, bell choir, and our praise team. I am passionate about helping others worship God through music. If you have any questions or feedback related to music at CPCO email me. If you want to get involved in our music programs follow the steps bellow. 

Step 1

Let me know!

If you are interested please contact me via Email. You can also talk to me at Church any Sunday!

Step 2

Let me hear you!

To determine where you would best fit in our different music programs I need a chance to hear your skills. Any instrument or voice is welcome.

Step 3

Become a member!

Though membership is not required to be a part of all our music programs. We highly encourage it and hope you will join our covenant family.

Step 4

Come Practice!

Once you have accomplished these steps, you will be invited to join us regularly on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm. From here we will work you into our different music programs.